So, I was going to post about the high and low lights of 2010. We had The World Cup, Earthquakes, like Haiti, and so many other incredible things that happened. It was the year we showed the world. But then I thought, whatever, we all watched the news, and we all remember the year. The truth is it’s been a long year, it’s been a tough year, and it’s the year that nearly broke me. Nearly. The year that almost killed me. Almost.

Nearly, Almost, Didn’t. I learned a lot this year, and through that, I grew a lot, I grew stronger and smarter. I became a better husband, father and man.

OK the soppy stuff is done. 


My big highlights for 2010:

Iron-man 2 Movie – Awesome

I finally got a copy of “ A darkness at sethanon” and read it

I got more Robert Jordan, and laboured though it. A labour of love none the less.

Julius Malema’s Comedy career really took off. He has become the most popular South African Comedian, he should try politics someday.

Stomach in, Chest Out. Thank you general Bekhi Cele.

I became permanent at Staff U Need Feb 01 2010, and they are really looking after me, albeit I am working harder than I have ever worked in my life.

My little Damien turned one 27 May 2010. He is shaping up to be quite a soccer star.

“Slymob comics” has taken several tentative steps forward.

We had a wonderful holiday in Westbrook, all thanks to Andrew and Julia (and Nicky and Damien too). Thank you guys for the wonderful time together.

And I made some awesome new friends this year, you know who you are. You Rock!!

 And that’s me, signing off for 2010. More to come next year.

Simon Repanis – Signing out for 2010


It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.
Winston Churchill