Something strange and unexpected happened to me the other day, something that, i’ve noticed, is happening more often lately. This is something that has started worrying me; something that I am afraid will tear apart the very fabric of the way South African business works. A strange beast is emerging in our market place which stands up against everything our commercial system is built on. A creature that is tearing at the general South African work ethic, this monster shall be known as “Good Service”

This is my story. On Saturday morning I went into the bank, a simple errand which became a full morning journey of discovery into what it is like to receive real service. I entered the bank and eyed the queue, a serpentine organism which has become the bane of South African life. I thought to myself that I would be there forever but at least they had chairs. After a full five minutes of lining up, a consultant approached me, and ushered me off to be served.

Kudos to Teboho Tobia from First National Bank, Karaglen. (Name Drop) Good sir, your great service and unrivaled dedication to customer satisfaction turned a rather daunting trip to the bank into a painless and constructive morning outing. You went over and above the call of duty. The aforementioned gentleman paid specific attention to my banking needs and went so far as to make sure I got all that I needed. He drew my attention to services I was not aware of, which have already made my life easier. Again I am singing the unsung heroes, because I am a firm believer in applauding excellent service, however infrequently it is encountered. Consider yourself sung.


It is local heroes of commerce like this that inspire me to push on and offer good service myself. I will continue to catalogue these fine examples of service excellence erupting in and around our wonderful country.

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Aeolist - A pompous windy bore who pretends to have inspiration


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