“Look the flower, but be the snake beneath” Lady Macbeth

I think William Shakespeare managed to sum up the general working philosophy of many people out there, with this one single quote. Beware your colleagues, my friends, beware. Even comments made to them in jest, may come back and bite you later on.  It is war out there in the office environment, but a strange kind of war, anyone could be your enemy at any time, and tomorrow that same person can be your greatest ally. Through all this it’s up to you to be true to yourself, and be honest. You might not win this office war, but at least you can go out knowing that you have a clean conscience.

I have recently been burned by this thing; somebody I know is all about getting ahead in the work place, no matter what the cost. Usually the cost is other people’s reputation. This person is very good at shifting blame, and when they mess up, they drop it on to other people’s heads to carry the blame. I am a bit mad at this person; hence this post is based on this subject.

Keep your head up, keep smiling and keep your nose clean.


“When folks find I ain't afeard to speak my mind on their affairs, they kinder guess I'm tellin' the truth about my own.”

BRET HARTE, "The Argonauts of North Liberty"


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