Mind the Gap

I have been looking around in awe lately at all of the advancements that are happening in technology these days. I am barely able to get used to the new tech, let alone understand it before something fresh arrives on the scene. Nintendo wii, okay not so new, but when it hit, wow! Now X-Box throws down the gauntlet with Kinect ©.  Complete controller-less gaming. Okay so a lot of readers may not be gaming nuts, which is fine, but the technology that Microsoft has put behind this Camera as Controls has such far reaching implications. For example, purely virtual boardrooms, completely digital document, being handed across a boardroom table, Tokyo on one end, to New York on the other, and then around the table, to Paris, Johannesburg, London, Warsaw and Bangkok.

Okay fine, I am impressed mainly by the gaming bit. But todays post is not to punt X-Box. I would like to put forth an idea. To get ahead on the open seas of business venture you can…

a)      Look around and see what is being done, and try your best to improve it. or

b)      Look around at whats not being done, and do it. Mind the freakin gap.

Sometimes to sail out on your own, unsure of whether the horizon signifies the edge of the world, or in fact a new land of untold riches and glory, that is what living, feels like.


While heading the profit of my counsel, avail yourself also of any helpful circumstances over and

Beyond the ordinary rules. General Sun Tzu on the art of war