Moving and / or shaking

So I am thinking of moving my blog to a slot on odd’s blog ( ) as this site isn’t really growing so much, which is disheartening for any author I am sure. Thanks to Google analytics I am able to track the traffic on my site, and it gets depressing sometimes. But at least I am able to see that I am not just pouring my intellect into cyberspace to no avail, there are those faithful readers, and I appreciate all of you.  I am reviewing the numbers and I will make the announcement in the next two weeks.

So the thing is, we work so hard, to feed our families and all that jazz, but let’s not do it to the determent of our own health. Work hard, by all means, and do your best to be your best. But bear in mind that you are only human.

I have a nasty habit of what I call pacmanning. When a new function needs to be done, or extra work is required I want to gobble it up, though I often end up biting off more than I can chew, and I choke. It’s not often, but it happens sometimes.  Only lately have I decided to turn additional functions down, at least until I know I have the capacity to carry the work load I already have.

Now maybe I am the only fool who does this, in that case I fell rather silly, but it’s some advice I would love to offer. Don’t drown yourself in work and burn yourself out, because then you are worthless to everybody, and it’s the fall from grace that people remember, not the climb.

Obscure word of the week – (try using this in a sentence)

Klebenleiben - A pathological reluctance to stop talking about a given


Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.