Today I am fuming a bit. And a bit shaken, not really stirred though. Which is strange, and perhaps a little worrying, but I will come back to that. Yesterday afternoon, on her way home from work, my wife was involved in a smash and grab. No-body was hurt, thankfully, but my son was in the car. He is about 20 months old now. What was taken, however, is inconsequential to this post, as is what the guy looked like etc...

I am also not going to use this blog as a forum to complain, and whinge and gripe about the increase of crime and so on and so forth. What I would like to talk about is how surprised I am to hear about the existence of good Samaritans, a seemingly foreign concept amongst South Africans.

 “As the evil goblin of doom fled the scene with his hastily and dishonestly acquired loot, so two unsung heroes did give chase. From the vehicle parked in front of the damsel’s own, the two brave men leapt, and run they did after the villainous foe. But woe, to no avail did the athletic burst of heroics become. One could almost wish to hear, that the foe was hastily apprehended and bundled off to justice. Not so unfortunately. Not so. And as unsung heroes go, these two certainly fit the bill, well heroes I say unto you, I’m singing you now boys!”

Thanks to the two guys, who risked themselves to salvage our belongings! Even though you never caught the guy. It is not often that people are willing to risk themselves for others. And it’s good to see.

Now as to why I am not stirred and why that’s strange. When Nicole and I were talking about it last night, we found it strange that neither of us were really affected by the attack. Like it’s an everyday thing.  We were more annoyed at the inconvenience of the admin involved. Strange days we live in.


Obscure word of the week – (try using this in a sentence)

Alectromantia - A process in which a rooster is asked a question, and then a single grain is placed on each letter of the alphabet and the order of his eating determines the answer.


In our age, self-indulgence and self-destruction, rather than self-sacrifice, are the foundations for new heroic myths.

DEAN KOONTZ, Brother Odd