Please note this post references the post titled Love your life, Live out your Love,  dated July 28, 2010. If you haven’t read it yet, read it first.

Taking risks is necessary in business, sometimes they pay off, and sometimes they don’t. I suppose that’s why they are called risks. Many times in life I have found that there is always more than one solution to a problem, but often only one of them really works, or works the way you want it too.

Take Germany and the world cup for example, they were destined to win. But they did not, or did they. The national team couldn’t quite cut it, the under 20 woman’s team however, took all the glory home. Many solutions, one answer.  This being said, the risk may pay off in the short term, and then you end up placing yourself in a poor position for the future. The following story illustrates this very well.

There was once a Polynesian tribe living on an island in the middle of the ocean. Their chief was a brave and proud man, his position of power unrivaled in all the surrounding islands. As it always goes in these tales his wife had died many moons ago giving birth to his daughter, the apple of his eye. Her beauty unmatched by any living woman, ever.  This sparkling gem of a young woman had just reached marriageable age, a fact which perplexed her father no end. There were so many young warriors to choose from, and one scruffy labourer.

After much deep contemplation, the chief decided to set a challenge, the winner may marry his daughter. Running through the island was Crocodile River, the chief decreed that him and his daughter would stand on the far bank. The warrior that survives the crocodiles will marry his daughter.

The first warrior, slightly pudgy chap, dived in to the water, within seconds was devoured.  The second warrior to make a brave attempt was powerfully built but preferred philosophy and debate to battles. He walked non-threateningly to waters edge and began to negotiate safe passage with what looked like the crocodile leader. The croc response was one of delight and frenzy, as they swiftly inhaled the brave little philosopher.

The third warrior stepped forward, an exquisite example of a man. The man was built from finely chiseled features and biceps upon biceps, radiating awesomeness throughout the surrounding crowd.  The young woman and the said warrior had been eyeing each other from across the market for months. Now was their moment. The warrior cut little slashes in his heels and ran across the water as fast as he could. The blood attracted the crocodiles behind him, keeping him always one step ahead. After what felt like an eternity of running he reached the other side.

He crested the bank and his love ran toward him, as they embraced daisies filled the air around them. Their surroundings seemed to become a field of flowers, slow love music filled the air. As well as a strange whistling sound. The couple’s lips met, they knew love.  And a blue ice fridge came whistling out of the sky, crushing them both.

So you see, the risk paid off, at first.

Till next time.