Poor communication is the greatest enemy of businesses everywhere. Like a ninja, she prowls the passages and halls of the corporate worlds. Silent as a cobra she strikes at her prey, crippling corporations where they stand. An unseen killer, drifting through the workosphere of our lives, ready to destroy.

Wow, that’s an amazing introduction. I am suitably impressed. I have observed varying degrees of poor communication, or even a complete lack thereof. The most dangerous kind I have ever seen comes straight from the management of a company. Or rather, it doesn’t come from them at all.

An employee is sometimes expected to sense the changes that have come about, or even clairvoyantly sense an unspoken instruction. This phenomenon that is sweeping the globe at an alarming rate, however, is often incorrectly blamed for the failings of the staff.

Both of the above really grate me, Really.

simon repanis

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Tatterdemalion - An unkempt person who wears rags


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