I would like to share a story about great customer services. We went shopping at Makro recently to buy our monthly groceries. When we got to the till the manageress (from an external company) who’s name was Marcia (name drop) informed us that the nappies we were buying were on special in a different quantity. And we can pay less if we buy a larger amount. It worked out that we paid R50.00 less and got eight extra nappies.

Why am I bothering to blog about nappies? Well two reasons actually, the first is, that because having a 16 month old son means that nappies are a large part of my life. And secondly, it’s not the nappies that impressed me, but a worker in South Africa actually bothered to go beyond the call of duty and offer exceptional customer service. This is a rare event and worthy of blog mention.

Why is this so rare? Well in a job market where people are not getting paid very much, what motive would they have to bother with offering anything more than the bare minimum required? Unless of course, putting in that bit of service can put a smile on your customers face. And if that’s your motive, you will be more than fulfilled in your job.

Ok seriously, who cares about putting smiles on faces, right? Well my face had a smile that day, I proceeded to phone Marcia’s employer, which will hopefully lead to her career advancement in the near future.
Please, in the next week at least. Forget what you’re getting paid, go the extra mile. Just Because.

Work hard and put smiles on faces.

“Disciplined and calm, to await the appearance of disorder and hubbub amongst the enemy:
this is the art of retaining self-possession.” 
General Sun Tzu on The Art Of War