We complain way too much. Sure, I know this is me complaining to, but if you can’t complain in a public format, why blog in the first place. So there this guy who is unemployed, and he whines nonstop about how he can’t feed his family, life is so unfair and so on and so forth. So you get him a job right? Problem solved right? No! Not at freaking all. Now this guy needs to complain about how he has too much work or the works too hard or he is underappreciated. So you fire him right? Problem solved.

Or I’m driving to work, and there are potholes everywhere. In fact, there are patches of road interspersed between the potholes as opposed to some few potholes dotting the road surface. “Grrr,” I growl and throw my hands up in frustration. “This bloody town council never fixes this damn road. What do I pay my taxes for?”

Sound familiar?

So I’m driving to work and all the lanes but one are closed off due to maintenance on the road surface. The traffic is horrendous! What the hell, are these people ever going to be finished working on the roads.


I guess my point is that we as people are never really satisfied with what we have, or maybe it’s just me.im never really happy unless I have something to complain about and today I have nothing to complain about, so I am complaining about complaining.


In some other news, Ramstein was awesome, awesome, awesome and awesome. Huge thanks to Alan, Martin, Neil and Swen (dunno how to spell that.) What a great party, and it was awesome meeting you gentlemen.


Obscure word of the week – (try using this in a sentence)

Geumaphobia - The fear of taste


Dictators ride to and fro on tigers from which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry.

WINSTON CHURCHILL, While England Slept