Speed Bumps on the highway of life

August 19, 2010



Again it’s time to talk about life, life is a journey full of surprises!!!!!!!!!! Surprises you say, why do bad things happen to good people and why do things go pear shaped every time you turn a corner. Life is not just about the things that go wrong and the surprises  that throw curve balls at you and send you spinning. The fact of the matter is that you have no control over life and some of your circumstances. You’re car can get stolen, your house broken into, you could lose your job, you could lose your wife / husband. The fact of the matter is it’s not over till it’s over and it’s not so much the details of what’s happening in your life but more focussed on how you are reacting towards them. There was a dude in the bible called Job who had a rough deal and God allowed it to Happen “YES I SAID GOD ALLOWED IT TO HAPPPEN”. The fact of the matter is that Job kept the right attitude towards a whole lot of  bad circumstances and in the end God really blessed him out of his socks, the deal is that you need to realise we live in an imperfect world and bad things “ARE GOING TO HAPPEN” – Decide today to take the correct stance towards bad circumstances and chose to enjoy your life regardless.



Life's Choices

July 28, 2010

Hi                                                                                                                    28/07/2010



Life is all about choices, what to eat, what to wear, where to live, who to marry etc. It’s a balance of Work, Taking time out for yourself, Being a husband, Being a father and a friend to others. It’s tough out there, making mistakes is part of the journey and if we don’t have some help we are not going to make it out there. Insecurity being our bigges...

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July 22, 2010

Life is about the journey, it’s about getting to where you want to be and the process that needs to be followed. One of my biggest life lessons has been to discover that the only job you’ll ever start at the top is when your digging yourself a hole. My life is a journey, one filled with surprises and a never ending urgency to achieve something – 30 years old this year and I’m still not quite sure what that something is. All I know is attitude is key, there are stages of growth, times ...

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